Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One Word......UNFORGETTABLE!!!!!

Hey everyone.....Susan and I arrived home in Portland today around 1:00 pm while Cari & Kimberly are home and/or headed home to their loved ones.  More posts to follow but wanted to send a HUGE thank you to everyone who has followed our adventures.  Apologies for going dark for the last few weeks - 12 hour driving days, crazy weather and spotty internet access (plus really really fun happy hour activities) made it difficult for us to share our progress :).

It was the most incredible thing to have so many of you welcome us to JC, made even more incredible knowing that there are even more of you out there who weren't @ JC that were concerned with our safety and interested in our roadtrip.  HUGE hugs and kisses to everyone for helping to make this a truly epic adventure.

Stay tuned for posts & Pics - Cheers!!!

Mona, Susan, Kimberly & Susan 


  1. It was a pleasure meeting you all. So glad you had a blast. We got home Saturday ...slowed the roll & took a week getting home. We had a blast ... mostly hiking in Kentucky & N Georgia. To see what we did ... ... Cheers!

  2. LADIES . . .

    I took the plunge and have begun changing a few things out in the Airstream ...

    Thanks again for your inspiration and I now know it didn't hurt me at all to make theses changes. I had fun. Enjoyed the learning curve to get it done and cant wait to tackle the other items ... like replace the rest of the window treatments and re-do the dinette cushions.

    Thanks again for letting me see your trailers at Alumapalooza. Do you see Alumapalooza IV in the future?